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Erik Olof Backlund


ERIK-OLOF BACKLUND was born in 1931 in Skelleftea, Sweden. He received his M.D. from the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, in 1959 and a Ph.D. from the same faculty in 1972. The doctoral thesis was on stereotactic treatment of craniopharyngiomas.
He received training/specialization in neurosurgery under Herbert Olivecrona and Lars Leksell beginning in 1960. After specialization he had full and independent responsibility for a 20-bed unit at the Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm, especially in charge of pediatric neurosurgery and sellar/ parasellar and pineal region pathology.

From 1975-1983 he was Director of the Gamma Knife and Chief, Stereotactic Service, Karolinska Hospital. From 1983-1993 he became Professor and Chairman of the University of Bergen in Norway and in 1993 became Senior Research Fellow, University Hospital, Linkoping, Sweden.
He has done extensive educational activities and guest lecturing within the field of stereotactic surgery, including individual post-graduate tutoring and responsibility for international courses.
He lists approximately 150 scientific papers mainly on stereotactic technique as used in various neurosurgical disorders, particularly utilizing radiosurgical methods. He has done pioneer work on transplantation to the brain in parkinsonism. Examples of current research projects are studies on new modes for discrimination between pathological and normal tissue in cases of primary brain tumor. He has written on Medical Ethics; brain death, transplantation and related issues. He has also writ- ten articles on culture and society issues in the public press.

Excerpt ftom the List of Honorary Members of The Society of Neurological Surgeons
Foto: dr M.Omerhodžić (Sarajevo, B&H)

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